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About this OCD Clinical Study:

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) occurs when a person gets caught in a cycle of obsessions and compulsions.

Obsessions are unwanted, intrusive thoughts, images, or urges that trigger intensely distressing feelings. Compulsions are behaviors an individual engages in to attempt to get rid of the obsessions and/or decrease his or her distress.

The purpose of this OCD clinical study is to understand whether an investigational drug, when used added to your current treatment, can bring about reduction in OCD symptoms.



The is looking for adults 18-65 years old with OCD to take part in a research study providing these possible benefits:

Diagnostic evaluation by an experienced OCD clinician
Compensation for time and travel may be provided

You may be able to participate if:

You are 18-65 years old
You have been diagnosed with OCD
You think you may have OCD
You are currently taking medication for your OCD symptoms

Do I Qualify to Participate?

If you answer Yes to all of the following questions then you qualify

  1. Are you between the ages of 18-65 years old?
  2. Have you been diagnosed with OCD?
  3. Do You think you may have OCD?
  4. Are you currently taking medication for OCD symptoms?

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